flower Web Site Services for Psychotherapists flower

Here are the primary services I provide.

  • Web Design and Development. I create quality, customized web sites that are industry standard compliant. I also provide update and maintenance of sites I design.
  • Cross-browser performance. Having cross-browser performance means that your web site will maintain a consistent and stable appearance across different web browsers, such as, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Sometimes a web site can look very nice using one browser on a Mac, for example, and quite broken using a different browser on a PC. I work diligently to make sure the latter does not happen to your web site.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The function of SEO is key to marketing. In essence, you want search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to 1) find your site and collect pertinent information, and 2) display your site information, ideally on page one, or very soon thereafter, of the search results. Think about it: when you search on Google, how many result pages do you review before you feel a bit exasperated? You want your potential clients to find you easily, so we optimize your site to help the search engines collect the right information.
  • Web Domain Name Purchase. I can help you purchase your web domain name. The web domain name is the "yourwebsite.com" and will serve as your unique web address. A domain name needs to be purchased and registered to have a live web site.
  • Web Hosting via Hostgator. I am a hosting reseller and can provide economical web hosting for your web site. Web hosting provides the physical means (i.e., a server) to hold your web site information and then "serve it up" when a potential client types your web site address in their browser address bar.
  • Communication. I believe communication is the infrastructure that makes the web site development process work. Fortunately, the connection we establish together is also one of the most rewarding parts of the process!
  • I take care to update you as tasks are completed and when I'm waiting for a decision from you, etc. I encourage questions and will ask my share of you as well. One of my goals is that we both know the status of your developing web site at any given moment. I believe you will greatly appreciate how much our communication process will facilitate the establishment of your web site.

Feel free to send email to Celena Allison.